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We got our first real blizzard of the season. Thankfully the blizzard season is coming to an end because I probably can’t handle much more of this. Here is me shoveling the pathway to our door for the 4th time this year. This time around the drifts are 6″-8″ high.

Without further ado

Finally made it to the door but still could’t open it since I had to shovel a radius around the door so it could open
Standing on the drift that I will soon be owning like a boss
The human snow blower
My work is finished, time to rest

For those of you who were willing to read to the end of the post, I do have a trading related update. I have not posted any updates to my trading account for about 3 weeks. The reason for that is because I am going to be changing to once per month updates. Weekly movements in my portfolio, while sometimes fun to watch, are fairly meaningless. I sell option premium on 30 day cycles (I sell them at around 60-45 DTE and buy them back at around 14 DTE). The remainder of my portfolio is long-term buy and hold positions that will gyrate up and down for many years to come.

Arguably, even monthly updates are fairly meaningless, but that wouldn’t make for a very exciting blog if I only posted an update once a year, so I will stick to monthly account updates. In between I will still try to post about potential trade setups or new positions I have initiated, and try to do that at least a few times a week.

With only 1 week left in February that means my next account update will be next week. See you then!